Combining Algal and Plant Photosynthesis

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2063 Fields of Plenty

2063 Fields of Plenty Cosmos magazine provides a fascinating article on the implications of efforts to overcome the world food crisis, thus highlighting how heightened crop production doesn’t come without a daunting price; the solution to mass starvation brings up the consequences of vastly increased greenhouse gas levels, greater use of toxic pesticides, and the …

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Useful photosynthesis articles for undergraduates

New Scientist articles For those with access to a New Scientist website registration or login, check out these articles on photosynthesis written by botanist expert, Professor Richard Cogdell. Knowledge gained from undergraduate biology-orientated courses is reinforced, and applications of details learnt are demonstrated in the discussion of the importance of research in the field, and …

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2012 papers on Chlamydamonas CCM gene expression

See the recent short review (which can be found here) by Eckardt, and the two papers she discusses by Brueggeman et al and Fang et al (both 2012). The papers discuss changes in gene expression in Chlamydamonas associated with exposure to differential ambient CO2 levels.

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Meet the Algae – UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop 2012

Between 23rd and 25th July 2012, the Cambridge Plant Sciences Department hosted one group of 6 students from the UK-Japan Young Scientist summer school programme. The group of 4 Japanese and 2 British students spent the first day in the Plant Metabolism lab of Prof. Alison Smith, learning about research into algae as a source …

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“Man-made photosynthesis to revolutionise food and energy production”

See the recent press release from the BBSRC here.

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Interview with Howard Griffiths and Julian Hibberd in Cambridge University Research Horizons magazine

The Cambridge university ‘Research Horizons’ magazine focussed on the Plant Sciences, specifically on research surrounding food security. This included feature on the two Ideas Lab projects currently being carried out in the Cambridge plant science department; one of which is the CAPP project. You can read the article here.

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Two Ideas Lab projects to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis in the Cambridge Plant Sciences Department.

The Ideas Lab has funded two projects which involve researchers in the Plant Sciences Department, Cambridge; Professor Howard Griffiths is heading the CAPP project, while Dr Julien Hibberd will play a pivotal role in a project aiming to  increase the efficiency of light harvesting by broadening the wavelengths of light, as used by bacteria, to power biophysical …

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